IBN project in Ghana: from planning to guaranteed returns

Ghana Agro-Food Company Ltd. (GAFCO) is a joint venture between the Government of Ghana, an institutional local partner and Industrie-Bau Nord AG (IBN AG).

Production by GAFCO:

Flour mill: 200 tonnes/day capacity for different types of flour products,
such as bread flour, pastry flour, semolina and brown flour.
Feed mill: 7 tonnes/hour capacity for all types of animal feed, e.g. for layers,
broilers, pigs, goats, horses, fish and others.
Fish cannery: 50 tonnes/day capacity for retail and catering packs of canned tuna,
in brine and various types of oil and spices.
Fishmeal: The fishmeal plant converts fish offal from the cannery into fishmeal,
which is a high-value animal feed ingredient.

Ghana Agro-Food Company Ltd. • No. 219 North Airport Road • Accra/ Ghana
Fon: +233-21-76 17 47, -70 11 684 • Fax: +233-21-77 86 38 • e-mail: