About IBN

Industrie-Bau Nord Group of Companies (called IBN) was founded 1957 and is an internationally operating company situated in Germany and in Switzerland.

For many years IBN has participated in the development of modern industrial, agricultural, food processing and agro-industrial organizations and projects in many countries.

In the European agricultural sphere and above all in the Federal Republic of Germany, IBN, with its developments in the areas of farm service, post harvest protection and bulk storage technology in silos, has made significant contributions to the raising of harvest yields and the economic handling of staple foodstuffs.

More than 300 projects have been planned and constructed by IBN in over 20 countries. These projects and a number of patents pertaining to storage technology and post harvest protection substantiate the technical efficiency of the IBN.

The organizational arrangement of the IBN is compatible with the stated tasks in an economic, technical and financial respect. More than 1000 employees work in the area of production, technology and administration of the various IBN companies and companies in which IBN has a shareholding.

IBN AG, in its function as a holding company, holds all of the IBN shares and is responsible for administration and financing of IBN activities.

At IBN Engineering GmbH, planning and project work is carried out. This company also provides technical service and ensures the on-time procurement of spare parts, additives, machines etc. for all of the production companies, as well as engineering and consulting work.

IBN Agrotrading GmbH, secures the supply of commodities such as wheat, barley, soymeal, rice etc. The company time-charters bulk carriers for the delivery of the goods.